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Last year, I visited my home Uganda several times and had the chance to travel around the country, both independently and on commissioned assignments. On one of those country trotting adventures, I toured health centers or hospitals in all corners of the country, east, west, south and north. In fact, at one of the health centers in Otuke, I found a woman who had just given birth to a baby girl about two hours earlier. I requested the mother that I name her (yeah, I know, I am a jerk), and she asked her mother in return. They let me name her for a small gift, and I named her Kirabo (which means gift in my Ugandan). I almost called her Kirabo Angelina Jolie, but I don’t know why I couldn’t. Next time! Anyway, back to point, the health situation in Uganda is really bad. From runaway corruption to brain-drain to everything bad one can think of. According to a wide circulating report by Big Think, the doctor-patient ratio for Uganda is 1:12,500. In my view, it is much worse than that. At all the health centers that I visited, I never found no single doctor. At one of them, they had been waiting for the newly appointed doctor to relocate for about 4 weeks. Meanwhile, the lines at the health centers are long, with people dying very treatable and preventable diseases. Yet, despite these correctible challenges, Uganda keeps losing several million dollars meant for the the health budget. The health sector in Uganda is one of the most corrupt but the problem continues unabated. Millions meant for the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis was swindled by government higher-ups and to-date, Ugandans have not tasted justice and continue wasteful spending.While I visited one of the health centers, a health cabinet minister made a visit. He had an entourage of four government off-road vehicles. Instead, an estimated 400 people die of Malaria daily  in Uganda, many of them children and pregnant mothers. Here are a few photos I took at one health center, which sees hundreds of patients on a daily basis, but have no doctor. The health center is in Budaka District, located off the highway, only about three hours away from Kampala, the capitol.

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