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In 2008, I travelled alone to Karamoja to capture education stories on camera. I wanted to communicate deficits in the education sector in the area with the hopes of bringing to attention these challenges to government, development agencies and folks like you and me. I did succeed in reaching out to a few people who made some significant personal sacrifices to make a difference in Karamoja’s education. I traveled with the help of David Pulkol, a former UN diplomat and Uganda’s ex foreign security service boss who made arrangements through the local Africa Leadership Institute satellite office. However, I did not stay long in Karamoja. I was there for about two working days and only managed to shoot on one of the two days. I lacked transportation; it was a night-mare! The weather was also hot and dry, and there was a little bit of insecurity in the villages because of cattle rustlers. The night that I arrived, l heard hundreds of gunshots in a fire exchange (a big small arms and light weapons proliferation problem in the region that includes Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia,¬†and Eritrea). The next morning, we were told it was a local community repulsing cattle raiders. We found a ton of empty shells and two dead bodies, and a lot of vultures. I can’t display the photos of the dead bodies as they are so graphic. I took them with my eyes closed; but I have them. In those days when I visited, a lot of people owned guns and hid them by day, but wielded them by night as they went to raid neighboring communities for cattle. I don’t know how much that has changed. As I have recently said, I really would cherish to go to Karamoja again; this time with good transportation and preferably another professional to spend a few days capturing these unique and rich stories. Enjoy a few panoramic photos of Karamoja. Leave your comment, and like the page at the bottom. Also, please tweet and google plus it!

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