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1. Whoah! For a 3 dollar cup of coffee, a farmer gets only 3 cents!!!! Watch this documentary (Black Gold Movie), no, find the link to the documentary at the end of the post. Because once you go there, you will not finish reading the facts I have put together. This is fresh information that just came in. Coffee is grown on trees…oops, I meant it grows on trees. Starbucks Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sheetz or any other coffee shop near you that comes to mind when you think about coffee do not own coffee gardens. But they know who grows it and they know how to get it.

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2. Second only to oil, coffee is the most sought after commodity in the whole world. Coffee is the most necessary of all “evils.” Water would be the first, except that it is still free in most places.

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3. More than 25 million farmers around the world survive on planting, harvesting and selling coffee. Coffee agriculture can not be mechanized because it is very labor intensive. This doesn’t make any difference for most of Africa and the African small farmers who lack agricultural mechanization.

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4. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee. May be that’s why the economy is booming. WRONG. In fact, most Brazilian farmers have gone to the cities and into slum dwelling because when a trade embargo was lifted from Vietnam, they cut (in some major way) Brazil’s market share. Did you know that Vietnam will be the world’s 17th biggest economy by 2025? Coffee? WRONG! Other top producers of coffee are Colombia at number two (then why the drugs?), Indonesia, and India.

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5. I heard/read that George Washington invented coffee.Yeah, it is true. He invented instant coffee – the mass produced one. Not the American George, though. This was an englishman called George Constant Washington. Some guy called Satori Kato of Chicago had beaten George to inventing instant coffee “just add water” and just before that God had invented the coffee been. But I bet some of our people in Africa or Brazil might already have been drinking their instant coffee. Think about it, John Speke discovered the Nile while the King of Bujagali and his spirits were in deep slumber.

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6. The first time I read the word Mocha I read it as MO-CHA. Speak the CHA as if you are saying the name CHAN without the N. I was at a restaurant and I said I would have a “MOCHAN (without the N). I repeated this to the waitress 10 times before I wrote it on a napkin. I am African, for us it is MOCHAN (without the N). After all we discovered it, huh?

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7. The best coffee comes from Uganda! This is a fact. If you dispute, show me your own facts. Africa is not just Africa. Africa is Africa. Everything that comes from African soil is awesome. The coffee, the cocoa, the gold, the diamonds, and Adam. According to National Geographic, Ethiopia, Cote D’ivoire (Ivory Coast) and Uganda are the only African countries in the world’s top ten coffee producing countries. But there is not even a single Starbucks Coffee or Dunkin Donuts or anything. That’s good because the farmers sell all their coffee so they can get money…so Ugandan farmers must be rich! WRONG.

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8. Like oil, coffee is addictive. Wiki says “over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day.” How do you explain that? And it’s not free. So African small farmers and other coffee farmers else where must be rich! WRONG.

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9. African coffee farmers can become wealthy. If we support African small farmers, they can become wealthy, i.e they can earn a good income, educate their children, provide health care for their families, and generally become free. Supporting African farmers involves organizing them to plant an acre of coffee, training them in best practices, and sourcing a market that pays them very fairly. A Ugandan coffee farmer could potentially earn about $5,000 from one acre of coffee each years. If you want to know more about how you can get involved in this, please contact me.

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10. Coffee is sour. That is why if I really want to support our African farmers through Starbucks, I drink mocha (read it as Mochan – without the n). But according to many credible reports including these ones from the New York Times and from the UK’s The Guardian newspaper, African farmers are losing their land in massive forced displacements from “investors”, hedge funds, and even to Universities such as the great and mighty Harvard University! Soon, the coffee you drink may not be from a real african small farmer. We can do something about it. Let us help african farmers. Please contact me! This is critical. Read my article on this topic at Africa on the Blog here.

Here is the link to the Black Gold documentary movie. It will change your perspective. Help us help African farmers. Contact me! Time is of the essence!