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By now you are probably aware that today God blessed us with a wonderful son! On this day, Sunday November 06, this year of our Lord 2011 at exactly 11:22 am, our little sweet champ kicked out of mom’s belly, after some nine months of uncertainties, singing, crying, holding on to God, resilience, talking, despair, joy, doubt, laughter, pictures, and many other emotions. Without going so much into the past details, yesterday Sonya felt so uncomfortable or crumpy the whole day. Believe it or not, she was assisting me as usual while we shot Kara and Justin’s wedding in Strausstown, PA and Reading, PA. Her situation wasn’t serious, but we stopped a couple times as we drove so she could stretch.

As usual after the wedding, I am 300 per cent worn out. I slept immediately and despite Sonya waking me up several times at night to say she wasn’t feeling so well, I went back to sleep every time after :( She did not sleep from 2 am in the morning, and packed everything we needed. At about 8am when I finally woke up, we called the doctor who advised we should drive to the hospital to have the baby checked out. I had insisted to Sonya that we live most things at home as in my mind I knew we would be coming back home tonight. Incidentally, our hospital tour had been scheduled for today afternoon. When they placed the baby on monitors, it appeared he was distressed. It was immediately decided that in order for him to survive, they needed to take my wife to the emergency room immediately.

The few minutes seemed like hours, and for the first time, I began trembling, shaking uncontrollably, uncertain of the outcome. I started whispering sweetly to God, as if I was trying to bribe him, so He could use his power to spare both lives. We had endured 2 miscarriages in the last year, and champ always seemed threatening during the first trimester. Eventually, the nurses wheeled my son through the corridor, and as I hurriedly tagged along to the neonatal intensive care unit, they explained to me that Sonya’s placenta was separating from (I don’t remember from what) and that he was not getting enough oxygen and had also sucked up some stuff inside his lungs. They could only manage to take out some, and the rest would be monitored in the NICU.

In the NICU, they let me hold him! I mean, he is my son, duh :) The feeling was magical. The realization that this life, this precious little being was my baby, my son, the one that everyone said would change my life forever. I snapped a few newborn photos, and took a couple of videos! At some point, I complained that he wasn’t crying, but when the nurse gave him some antibiotics, he bravely let out a few screams, as i helplessly watched, wanting to go and rescue, but knowing the pain would only last a little while. Anyhow, the mother is doing very well, recovering but still in a lot of pain from the operation. Tears rolled down her face when she held the baby for the first time. Sonya is the strongest woman that I know. There are simply no words to explain her strength during this journey.

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