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A few weeks ago, Donovan had to endure a slight winter breeze in the fading fall vegetation in the backyard of our country home. His portraits had been postponed a few times due to his dad’s crazy schedule (he is a physician). The day finally came. Donovan is one of those kids I can never forget, unless I quit the photography industry or the parenting business. When he was born, about 13 months ago (just after the FIFA soccer world cup in South Africa, and I think his naming has something to do with it; Landon Donovan is a US international striker that shined for the US men’s soccer team), Sonya and I went to do his newborn photos in Lancaster. He decided to paint the backdrop with his stuff :) and that was my first encounter with a diaper type situation, ever! I realized that if I were to stay in the trade of baby and newborn photography in Lancaster, I might as well learn how to clean a baby who has pooped or sussed. At the bottom of the post, please see the photo of Donovan at only 6 days.

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