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A few weeks ago, myself and a few other Lancaster Photographers grabbed our gear, went downtown, set up shop, and took portraits in a give back gesture. We also had other volunteers that included make-up artists, hair stylists, and many other volunteers. I grabbed my light and handy Elinchrom Ranger RX battery power pack that makes my on location photography so seamless. For light modification, I took the elinchrom rotalux deep octa 27″ softbox which is also handy; small, but big enough for individual portraits and small group photos. It is not heavy, and if your are shooting inside  where there is no wind, there is hardly any need for sandbags. I am a fun of one light photography, and the elinchrom system gets the results for me. I also had a the Westcott 40″ – 5 in one reflector which I found no need for as I found another photographer with a similar set up (I used their neat brown paper backdrop) for these photographs below.

Back to giving back to Lancaster! When scripture says it is better to give than to receive, it is very hard for us to believe, or even process! For boy, I love receiving. I love gifts, I love free stuff. I love to receive! In fact, if you and I stop right now and reflect a little bit about that, the truth will at first, slowly sift into our minds and then suddenly bring us to the realization that every one loves to receive. To love them, as we are commanded to love one another as ourselves, would imply that we need to give to people, because if we wear their shoes for one passing moment, we will understand only too well what it would mean to them. But that’s not the bottomline. How can giving be better than receiving? Well, if you have ever been on the side of giving; and I don’t mean those instances when you share leftovers or pass on used clothing; the genuine “it costs me something” giving, you realize that the genuine happiness of the recepient gives you some inner satisfaction and joy that one can’t buy. This exactly what happened to most of us when we went out to offer free professional portraits to families and children. Boy, the photos from that event are some of my all time favorite!

I hope that you too will give or continue giving back to your community. Everyone has something to give. I do not have a lot of money to give, but I have gifts and talents and abilities, and so do you. Everyone has something to give. Do not hoard it, give it back. I can’t wait to give back in this same way to my Ugandan community in Kampala, Gulu, Mbale, everywhere, and of course to Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, and Burundi, South Africa and Jamaica…oh, I want to give photos, photos, photos! Please continue checking the progress with our new initiative, VillageServe, coming soon. Together, through this social enterprise, we will give back and impact thousands of small farmers in Africa.

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