Pinterest is the latest social network to take the world by storm. Even though it launched its beta version about two years ago, it was a less known platform that has only recent caught fire with a slew of media highlights and a gazillion of blogs such as this one. When Google+ launched last year, thousands of photographers jumped on ship immediately, and in fact, photography was the most over represented profession on the google network, most of us lured by the search engine prospects and all that talk that Google uses to ┬ásell its products. But let’s be honest, usually (not all the time) prospective clients that come through Google searches or that find you after a search engine search are budget weddings. May your experience is different depending on where you live, but that’s my experience. That’s why I can never invest a penny in google adds or SEO experts. Of course for the latter, by now you know that the best way to improve your rankings is to publish conte t, which If you are a professional photographer, you should already be doing. By reading a few online articles (free), you can become better.

But let’s go back to Pinterest; why do I say that it is changing the way of business for wedding photography and even for the whole entire business wedding industry? First, with so many tech platforms, the information overload is in overdrive. So I did not discover Pinterest on my own like I have with others in the past. A prospective client from Japan who is planning a wedding in Masai Mara, Kenya had a Skype meeting with me a few weeks ago. Then in answering my questions on what kind of wedding photography style she would prefer, she quickly sent me a link to her pinterests. On here she had several photos from popular wedding blogs and from all over the Internet that in a way mapped out her personality in a handful of photos. I could fairly visualize the vision for her wedding and therefore also for me to know whether her vision met my artistic and visual communication style. As you know already, 98% of the brides make the hiring decision for a photographer (not scientific but you do get the drift). And you also know that most brides are very organized, carry folders with “interests” to the meeting with a wedding vendor. It may be difficult to see the brides file with crumpled pages and very few minutes for the meeting where you also have to show them a tone of products that you offer.

Other brides may be reluctant to share the folder with a photographer or vendor they are only meeting for the first time. Occasionally, varying from client to client, I will let them show me their folders. Thankfully I have. Ever been rejected as that would put me down – nobody loves rejection. But now, things have. Hanged. Rather than gather paper and stuff, wedding brides will be pinning their interests on Pinterest. This will help you and me as vendors serve our clients better and exceed their expectations. Of course I am assuming that for you and and for me, it’s not about us, but about them, right? Cos we are getting paid anyway. And did you know that the phenomenon growth of Pinterest is being pushed by women? While Google+ has a lot of men (and photographers), Pinterest has more women subscribers. So, i just discovered the Pinterest page of a bride we are shooting this Saturday. I am sure we will be a me to surprise her. A of Word of advice, please brand your photos with a non destructive logo (better-still your blog URL) that you plan to post on Pinterest. So that as the photos make rounds and pins and re-pins on the website, someone will be able to trace the photos to you and perhaps translate into business for you.
Let us know your thoughts on Pinterest and everything. Peace.

PS: This post was made on iPhone and may contain a lot of typos. Also, it’s 100% opinion so I do not quote anyone or make any reading references.