Finally we have moved home and are now living in Lancaster city. After years of staying in Manheim township and then months in Brickerville, we have embarked on a new journey of city living, and not just anywhere but South Ann Street! Inner city!
As with any moving, this one has also been crazy.

I for one hate moving passionately but was very excited about this one. I am now close to people, a lot of people and I love that. Plus, many a ticities do happen in the city that we have usually missed. It is also cheaper in the long run. For example, the Brickerville commute was costing us about $60 in gas every week, has a large yard for maintaining etc.

There are several reasons why we have moved to the city and I am wondering if I should make a dedicated blog for it, but let me just say that for now, life is exciting, it’s a new chapter and we do love our new house. I will post some photos of the new house and the old one. We did not move with any furniture and are looking for offers. Craigslist is another place we are looking for deals.

Oh, we don’t have the Internet yet but the convenience of the city is such that I can jump on my new motorcycle and go to prince street cafe and use their wifi on my device! The photo below is an iPhone photograph taken at night.

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If you live in the city and would like to come and welcome us please do. And bring gifts!

If you live in Lancaster city or any city or have any experiences living in the city, what are they?