Apr.5 2012, posted in Personal

My mission, now that I live in the Lancaster city is to enjoy it to the maximum. My number one of enjoying it will be to photograph it with my phone, day in day out. So, this morning as I left home to go to my meeting in downtown Lancaster, I took an unfamiliar road. I can’t even remember it. I pulled my motorcycle next to the curb and pulled out my iPhone, snapped a few photographs that are full processed by iPhone apps and resized through photoshop to fit the dimensions of my custom blog.

This church in Lancaster is a perfect one for weddings. The location is great! Lancaster has some of the finest traditional architecture complete with exquisite brick and mortar walls. I will be photographing more of these buildings, and posting them. I also will try to keep bringing updates from my street on South Ann. So far no incidents, but I want to be able to document the life on that street, either through words but preferably through photographs – even though that might be a little too dangerous. What do you think of these photographs?

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