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Black and white wedding photographer? Or Documentary wedding photographer? That’s a little bit of pushing the envelope, right? Yes, I want to push it, and push it real hard. I wish I had the guts to actually declare to only take on classic black and white wedding photography. There is something about black and white photos. And the word is just one: Classic. It doesn’t fade, it doesn’t go away, it lives forever. All the other things are just fads, they will dissipate, but black and white is simply vintage; now and forever. So, I decided that with this post, I would experiment and see what you think. The truth is that I have desired for a long while to curve out my own niche as a black and white wedding photographer. In this digital era, the client would still get raw files that can be processed into color if they liked, but I would concentrate on producing classic black and white wedding images for the client. Most photographers today convert photos to black and white when they are faced with challenging white situations. I have done it sometimes, but when one sets out with a plan and learns the art of shooting black and white images, the results can be awesome. I am going to make an album for myself from these images. Again, when it comes to photos, nothing compares to prints.

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