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We have had a very busy summer which has meant we have not been up-to-date in terms of posting all the weddings. The excuse is partly due to increased family responsibilities and our now very active nonprofit organization Hiinga. Of course, not forgetting that we are lazy bloggers (now before you judge, when did you last blog? Hehehe, gotcha!) Nevertheless, we are now posting some of those weddings so you are able to see the photos. Due to time constraints, we are posting about 10 photos per wedding, except for very recent ones.

Let me tell you a little bit about Tony and Sarah. We have a relationship with these lovely two from my alma mater. That’s the connection. A connection made deeper because of Tony’s life as a missionary kid (MK) in Bolivia, and therefore with a great cross-cultural affinity (considering we are African). Their wedding ceremony was celebrated at Bethany Bible Fellowship Church, which is in Tony’s parent’s “village” in Mount Carmel, a borough in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, a coal mining community that is visibly struggling from the struggles of a dying industry.  Their wedding reception was at Frosty Valley Country Club, a green and lush a private 18 hole golf club in Danville, Pennsylvania. Please enjoy some of their loveness, and congratulations to Tony and Sarah!

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