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Kristen and Adam got married on August 04th at Alder’s Gate United Methodist Church. It was in the summer of 2010 that we began talking about the possibility of photographing their wedding. So, we were booked for this weekend a little over two years in advance! We were honored, and in-fact, we have cultivated a great relationship with both Kristen and Adam. Do you remember their engagement photos that we posted on this website last year?

Kristen is one of only two of our brides that regularly tweets. Adam and Kristen are both great sports fans so Kristen often tweets on sports and other very interesting stuff. The tweet she just posted three hours ago goes like this: You’re killing me, #NHL. Keep it up and I might be forced to watch an entire season of football…You can follow her tweets here if you are on twitter. And if you are a prospective bride, you can also tweet her a question about their experience working with us :)

It goes without saying that their event was one of the shortest we have done. They utilized church space for both ceremony and reception. They kept things very simple and personal. We have enjoyed having these two as our friends over the last two or so years. And I can’t forget that when we got our champion, they were quick to send us such a beautiful congratulatory message. Please view a few of their wedding photos here.

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