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I shot this wedding engagement photo session in Reading, PA of Muriel and Kolby without Sonya’s assistance. It was different but easier than I thought. I have been so dependent on her second shooting and directing for me. But it was perhaps easy because, as you can see from these photos, Kolby and Muriel are the best easy going souls the world has ever seen. I was meeting Kolby for the first time, and Muriel for the second. It was just fun. Too much fun. Getting to know them, and myself rumbling about the nonprofit for Africa that I founded called Hiinga, of which Muriel is a major donor!

They chose Grings Mill Park for their engagement photos. You see, they have some sacred history here. It happens to be the place where Kolby went on one knee! It is a beautiful park with a big creek whose name I have forgotten. It has a romantic trail and thick vegetation that allow for secluded moments, with the occasional jogger and biker who are intent on minding their own business. I loved the place, and the gentle sun minimized the shadows which ensured naturally well lit images.

Kolby doesn’t like to be photographed. Yes, I let out the secret. So we went for a casual candid interactive style that to me seems to have produced well desired results. In fact, I would like to do the next engagement session the same way. Except, it can’t be the same. You would have to be as spontaneous as these two, and you would have to have smiles and laughter as infectious and genuine as we see in these images. Their hearts are big too! Kolby is a youth minister in a local church in Reading, PA and Muriel, like I said before is a major donor to Hiinga, our Micro-finance for small farmers nonprofit! Enjoy their loveness.

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