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Tomorrow will be our second Christmas together: really our first though with CJ as a┬ámore cognitively advanced human being. Last Christmas, he was just one month and two weeks. I can’t even remember what happened on that day, except that we had dinner/lunch at our friends’ the Messersmith’s – we are also spending this Christmas at the same place (yes, time to begin our own traditions may be this could well be the tradition. Being first generation immigrants with no family and close social ties it will take us a while to figure our own stuff out…if we stay here longer enough anyway!

So, today we decided to take a walk around the block with CJ (he loves his walks regardless of cold weather). On our way back, God treated CJ to his first snow ever – officially a white Christmas in Lancaster, PA. CJ was fascinated by the snow…he reached out and wanted to grab the flakes. It was magical! Later, when the snow had piled up about an inch or two I took him to the backyard to film him in the snow. I will be posting the video after I have it put together. Here are some of the photos of us before the snow…and some CJ shots when the snow began. Hope you like them – and Merry Christmas! PS: Sonya appears less cos she’s the shutter-buster.

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