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As we move into a lot of humanitarian work, I am rarely calling myself (Andy) a photographer as much. And yet, everybody knows me as a photographer. I learned very early on that photography was always going to be a platform. In the spirit of The Lord’s word in Proverbs 18:16 –  A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. I literally believed that. And I have seen doors open because of the gift of image making, that The Lord alone has given me. Even as I pursue this other higher calling, photography will always be the way in which I communicate and create. We have blogged less often about our family and I believe from now we will do that more and more. Below is a photograph that our friend Raymond took at our home in Lancaster, PA on their recent visit.

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We sell African Photographs for a living. If you are looking for photos of agriculture in Africa, Uganda, Rwanda etc, or looking for photos of education and healthcare in Africa, drop us a line at our contact page here.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will know who might help you. For the last year, we have been almost entirely focussed on our start up nonprofit agriculture social enterprise, Hiinga, which works to end extreme hunger, improve food security and nutrition, and raise household incomes for African smallscale farmers. As such, we have been very broke, in debt, and all those things that start-up social entrepreneurs face.

It is always a joy therefore when we receive that e-mail inquiring about licensing some of our African photographs that they found online. Some times this happens when you most need those dollars, even though pretty much need the money all the time, but there are those 11 hour situations. Having been on very many commissioned assignments in Africa for top humanitarian organizations, we have a collection of images that are now beginning to make sense. In the past, image selling didn’t make a huge difference because commissioned assignments brought in enough revenue. But now that we have scaled back on most that, every dime counts. That doesn’t mean we will sell the images for less than they are worth. We still donate images to people and organizations that cannot afford them – we evaluate this on a case by case basis. And you can also make a donation to our nonprofit organization here! And if you were wondering, our agency still takes overseas commissioned assignments in Africa.

Here below are some African agriculture images that we just got an inquiry on. We will be posting more.

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