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2011 was to date my most successful year as a photographer, communicator and activist. I was the lead consultant for a national communications campaign for peaceful elections. The European Union, through the Danish Agency for Development, and then through the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy were my employers.  From the outset, the core of the campaign was civic engagement; our role was to create a platform for their voices to be heard. For the people to set their own manifesto and election agenda. Following the electoral violence across Africa, we were trying to proactively engage with the electorate. As a photographer, I set out to capture those voices visually. Those voices gave the professionals at Omnicom Uganda to create a multi-channel campaign that involved print, radio, television and the internet. Unfortunately, Uganda was still pre-social media at that time. The project was widely exposed in local and international media, and it got me back to back international awards. It goes without saying that if George Soros’ Open Society Foundation had not awarded me Documentary Photography Grant, then Voices of Uganda and the subsequent success would have been naught. And if USAID had not fueled the spark that OSI ignited, then the impact would not have been as realized. And the people at the European Union saw the opportunity as I did, and brought on the resources and the partners to cascade the vision. I am forever grateful, and proud. Below are some of the images of the campaign in Ugandan languages.

We want to vote for leaders who will ensure that there’s good education for our children and better healthcare for our families.

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If we the boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) involve ourselves in post election violence, most of us who have loans will not be able to work.

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Agriculture is our livelihood. That’s how we survive, that’s our day job. We must vote for the leaders that will prioritize farming.

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The roads are very terrible! We need to vote for leaders that will fix them rather than steal public money.

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We want to vote for leaders who will ensure that there’s good education for our children and better healthcare for our families.

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Your vote is worth much more than salt, sugar or beer. Do not throw it away for pennies. Your generation and the future depends on it.

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We need to elect leaders who will not burden us with too much taxation. We are wallowing in poverty yet the taxes are too high.

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We urge all the youth and everyone to avoid any forms of electoral violence. Bloodshed is not the answer.